Our next conference will be:

“Perception and Reality”

Place: Alet-les-Bains in the South of France

Time: 2020, June 01 – June 05


New Publication:

“Wisdom and Philosophy: Contemporary and Comparative Approaches”


“Whatever happened to wisdom? In this new volume, Wisdom and Philosophy: Contemporary and Comparative Approaches, Hans-Georg Moeller and Andrew Whitehead challenge philosophy as a professional discipline to reflect upon the drift that has drawn it away from its original moorings. They have assembled a cadre of international scholars who from different cultural perspectives argue for “the love of wisdom” as philosophy’s most noble calling. The authors in these pages have redefined and given new life to the Enlightenment project of Weltweisheit in their concerted attempt to promote philosophical discourse as a source of the inclusive “world-wisdom” that is so urgently needed in our aspirations for human flourishing.” – Roger T. Ames, Professor of Philosophy, The University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Hawai’i

“This book makes a unique and timely contribution to the growing literature in comparative global philosophy. Through focus on the theme of wisdom, the collection provides significant insight into some of the most crucial and divisive questions for philosophy across the ages, and, of particular relevance for philosophy in a global context, namely; what is philosophy, and what should or might it be? The contributions, from both seasoned and rising international experts, bring to light a diverse range of perspectives on the theme of wisdom, thus providing the reader with a snapshot of important developments across the field. Overall, the book makes for a fascinating compilation and consolidation of important ideas. One would be wise to read it.” – Dr. Sarah Flavel, Lecturer in Religions, Philosophies and Ethics, Bath Spa University, UK

The volume can be purchased from Bloomsbury directly (as per the above link); from Amazon; as well as from various online and physical retailers worldwide.

For a detailed index of contents, see the Publications section.